1 Performing Like a Star Experience 1 content (pdf format)
2 Becoming a Master Learner

Experience 2 content (pdf format), Sample Learning Journal

3 Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future Experience 3 content (pdf format)
4 Self-Assessment: The Engine of Self-Growth  
5 Time, Planning, and Productivity  
6 Methodologies: Unlocking Process Knowledge  
7 Visioning Your Future  
8 Performing in Teams and within a Community  
9 Performing when Being Evaluated  
10 Reading for Learning  
11 Metacognition: Thinking about My Thinking

Thinking about Thinking: developing metacognition in children
(Read the abstract, introduction, & 1st section, “Metacognition: what is it?”)

12 Using Failure as a Stepping Stone for Success

Sample Concept Map
Concept Mapping Software (Windows platform; download & install)

13 Chosing and Using Mentors Effectively  
14 My Turn to Shine

Schooling in America: Myths, mixed messages, and good intentions
Read at least from “What are self-efficacy beliefs” to the end.)

15 Shifting from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation  
S1 Wellness: Taking Care of Your Whole Self   (Supplemental Experience on Wellness)


101 Tips for Wellness (from Rutgers)


National College Health Assessment Spring 2011 Reference Group Executive Summary

Defining Wellness and Its Determinants


S2 They Say It Makes the World Go 'Round   (Supplemental Experience on Financial Planning)


Federal Student Aid (Office of the U.S. Department of Education)

Financial Aid Advisor (Online and interactive to determine potential federal and state financial aid)

Online Tool: Traditional College Student Budget Worksheet (from the Colorado Department of Higher Education)


Paying for College: Financial Aid Options (from Money Magazine)

What is included in the cost of college? and How can I lower the cost of college?

What Are You Going to Do With That? What’s a Degree Worth?
(from The Chronicle of Higher Education)

10 Budgeting Tips (from the Colorado Department of Higher Ed.)

The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living


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