The graphic below demonstrates the different but mutually supportive
roles of faculty in an enriched learning environment.


Professional Development Institutional Development

Teaching is the quality facilitation of learning at higher levels, creating an increase in the construction of knowledge.

The growth of key transferable skills such as critical thinking, communication and teamwork. Transferring these skills so individuals learn to self-mentor their own growth through self-assessment and reflection.

Faculty embrace best researched practices in their professional functions as well as in education.

Institutions must be receptive to change & employ continuous quality improvement.

By increasing the quality of teaching, learning, thinking and researching we will strengthen Intellectual Development. This strengthened knowledge increases the effectiveness of Learner Development especially with improved mentoring. As learning skills improve, Self Development is further enhanced through improving self-assessment. This continued growth inspires teachers to expand their practicing in new areas through Professional Development opportunities. These empowered faculty with improvements in collaborating, measuring, and designing increases Institutional Development through continuous quality improvement activity. As the institution becomes stronger so then the organization does even more intellectual development.