Customizing the Academic Recovery Course

We have a great deal of experience in customizing Learning to Learn Camps and have held Camps focusing on Algebra, Calculus, and Smart Grid, among others. Because the Academic Recovery Course is based on the Learning to Learn Camp model, we are happy to work with you to design a Recovery Course that meets your school's specific needs. Just let us know.

Sample Schedule 1

For a Learning to Learn Algebra Camp.

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Sample Schedule 2

For Smart Grid Learning to Learn Camp.

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The general learning outcomes of any Learning to Learn Camp include:
  1. Increased learning, meeting learning challenges twice as fast as before

  2. Significant increase in self-efficacy/esteem

  3. Observable desire for self-growth realized through self-assessment

  4. Development of a powerful life vision & a life plan to realize it

  5. Willingness to take risks & use failure as a part of the path to success

  6. Increase in self-regulation, self-motivation, and ownership of learning

  7. Learning to perform effectively while evaluated and challenged

  8. Increased teamwork skills and experience as an effective member of a learning community

  9. Significant gains in metacognition and self-awareness

When the Camp or Course has a disciplinary focus, ADDITIONAL learning outcomes are achieved:

Additional Learning Outcomes


Smart Grid


  • Learn to effectively use mathematics to understand chemistry concepts
  • Strengthen systematic thinking in working with the structures and processes of chemistry
  • Use an improved analytical process to understand models and examples by interpreting their step-by-step development
  • Increase visualization skills to link mathematics with conceptual behavior
  • Build a try it attitude so the what if and experimentation becomes a consistent mindset
  • Develop a problem solving process that allows for generalization of specific chemistry knowledge