Learning to Learn: Becoming a Self-Grower

ISBN# 978-1-60263-201-1 ($54 + $10 S&H)

We've been engaged in researching, practicing, and teaching the concept of Learning to Learn at our signature Learning to Learn Camps for more than 20 years, transforming learners with a powerful set of outcomes. With Learning to Learn: Becoming a Self-Grower, any educator can realize these outcomes. The curricula is tailored for a 1- or 2-credit course and has the potential to produce high-powered learners and self-growers.

The set of materials is self-contained and with the exception of a couple of readings found on the web, includes all readings and resources (tools, worksheets, forms, and reports) students need.

1. Performing Like a Star
2. Becoming a Master Learner
3. Your Past Doesn’t Define Your Future
4. Self-Assessment: The Engine of Self-Growth
5. Time, Planning, and Productivity
6. Methodologies: Unlocking Process Knowledge
7. Visioning Your Future
8. Performing in Teams and within a Community
9.   Performing when Being Evaluated
10. Reading for Learning
11. Metacognition: Thinking about My Thinking
12. Using Failure as a Stepping Stone for Success
13. Choosing and Using Mentors Effectively
14. My Turn to Shine
15. Shifting from Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation
Supplemental Activities (available online): Wellness: Taking Care of Your Whole Self
Financial Planning and Strategy
A Readings and Resources site is available to support the curricula.
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Instructor Resources include faciltation guides and reading quizzes for each experience, access to an online version of the course, and an array of useful rubrics and resources to aid any instructor using the curriculum.

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