Math and Graphing Skills

ISBN# 978-1-60263-596-8; 4th edition ($40 + $6 S&H)

The purpose of Math and Graphing Skills is to give learners a non-threatening environment for evaluating and refreshing their quantitative skills.

While this book is not intended to serve as a textbook, it can be used to remind students of techniques and ideas they probably learned at another point in their life. Each module contains some explanations, some things to remember and a few examples. It also contains critical thinking questions to help learners reflect on the principles involved.

1 Natural Number Addition
2 Natural Number Subtraction
3 Natural Number Multiplication
4 Natural Number Division
5 Integer Addition and Subtraction
6 Integer Multiplication and Division
7 Factoring Natural Numbers
8 Least Common Multiple
9 Greatest Common Divisor
10 Adding and Subtracting Fractions
11 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
12 Decimal Addition and Subtraction
13 Decimal Multiplication and Division
14 Decimals and Rounding
15 Converting Common Fractions to Decimals
16 Converting Decimals to Common Fractions
17 Ratios and Percents
18 Exponents
19 Order of Operations
20 Scientific Notation
21 Estimation
22 Reading Graphs
23 Slopes and Intercepts
24 Distance Between Two Graphs
25 Polynomial Addition and Subtraction
26 Polynomial Multiplication
27 Substitution and Evaluation
28 Linear Equations
29 Linear Inequalities
30 Quadratic Equations
31 Simultaneous Equations
32 Adding Rational Expressions
33 Conversions
34 Change of Base
35 Logarithms
36 Tables and Statistics
37 Sequential Patterns
38 Geometry
39 Sets
40 Cardinal Numbers and Cardinality
A sample activity (Module 9: Greatest Common Divisor) is available for preview in pdf format.
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