The Research Behind the Academic Recovery Course

The following articles comprise the bulk of the scholarship most pertinent to the Academic Recovery Course. They help to explain the risks that too often lead to failure and how we not only counter each risk, but can effectively push students to begin actively improving their own ability to learn and succeed.

Learning-to-Learn Camps: Their History and Development

Pacific Crest’s work with learning to learn, especially as it led to the creation of the Learning-to-Learn Camps, is offered here from a historical perspective. This record also serves as a testament to one of the core concepts of Process Education: that every learner can learn to learn better, regardless of current level of achievement; one’s potential is not limited by current ability.

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Learning How to Learn: Improving the Performance of Learning

The act of learning is usually thought of as something done preparatory to a performance; a student learns and then can perform on the basis of what has been learned. This article frames the act of learning as a performance in its own right, allowing the Theory of Performance to be used as schema for naming and exploring the various dimensions of the learning performance that can be improved.

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Identifying At-Risk Factors That Affect College Student Success

All too often, both traditional and non-traditional students face a variety of barriers to learning that put them at risk of failure in achieving their goals. This article explores twenty key factors that impact student learning and success in college as identified in research and practice. Understanding these key risk factors allows educators to help students address their risk factors and achieve academic success.

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What is Self-Growth?

The concept of self-growth for personal development and growth, whether achieved as formal or informal processes at an individual level or throughout an institution’s culture, forms the basic foundation of one’s way of being. The concept of self-growth is both liberating and challenging. This article discusses basic concepts, techniques, and behaviors to help achieve a strong desire and increase the capacity for self-growth by individualizing one’s concerted efforts and practices.

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Key Learner Characteristics that Produce Academic Success

Colleges continue to struggle to increase the success of their students. Many  learner characteristics that enhance student learning and success emerge from a meta-analysis of student success research. This paper integrates these characteristics with 20 years of empirical research on learning-to-learn to develop a 50 characteristic research-based model of a quality collegiate learner: a student who would be successful in any undergraduate program.

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