Process Education has had a very exciting evolution in improving the quality and effectiveness of Higher Education, ultimately touching the personal and professional lives of approximately 100,000 faculty, staff, and students. While the Academy of Process Educators is celebrating its own 10-year anniversary, the Academy, in partnership with Pacific Crest, is dedicating this year's PE Conference to celebrating the first 25 years of Process Education and providing a foundation for the next 25.

Some of the special events planned include:

1. A special edition of the International Journal of Process Education to mark and celebrate 25 years of scholarship of Process Education
2. 10th Annual Process Education Conference at Grand Valley State University
3. A second special edition of the International Journal of Process Education featuring key case studies that demonstrate the impact of implementing Process Education
4. An established certification process for becoming a formally-recognized Process Educator

While we each have our own memories of the last 25 years of Process Education, I've spent some time reflecting on the events and innovations that stand out for me. I've listed them below.

An interactive and much more comprehensive timeline of the top

Process Education innovations and areas of scholarship is available at: or click the image at right.

(The content of this timeline is based on the special edition IJPE.)

My Top 25 Memories of the First 25 Years of Process Education
1990 First of Problem Solving Across the Curriculum conference (included more than 100 faculty)
1991 First Teaching Institute
1992 First Learning to Learn curriculum published: Learning Through Problem Solving
1993 Teach for Learning A Handbook on Process Education is published
1994 Education as a Process is published (the first research paper presenting the idea of Process Education)
1995 First Curriculum Design Institute & First Learning to Learn Camp
1996 Foundations of Learning 1st edition published
1997 Classification of Learning Skills for Educational Enrichment and Assessment first published
1998 First Comprehensive Teaching Institute Handbook
1999 Foundations of Problem Solving published
2000 First Facilitators Institute ("Train the Trainers")
2001 First Assessment Institute
2002 Faculty Guidebook project begins
2003 POGIL formed
2004 First Process Education-based conference established
2005 Process Education Research Conference at MATC
2006 Faculty Guidebook 4th Edition is finalized
2007 Academy of Process Educators is established
2008 First Regional Professional Development Center established
2009 First issue of International Journal of Process Education published
2010 First Learning to Learn Camp focused on academic recovery (Hinds CC Nursing Recovery Course)
2011 Transformation of Education Model formally presented & published
2012 Expansion of disciplinary focus for Learning to Learn Camps
2013 Learning to Learn: Becoming a Self-Grower published
2014 Online Professional Development: Teaching Learning to Learn is first offered
2015 First Year Recovery Course offered