When we decided to tell the story of the first 25 years of Process Education, we knew that it just wouldn't be complete without also telling the stories of the schools, groups, and individuals who have put Process Education into practice. And while we have shared a couple of instances (thanks to papers written by process and active learning educators), we ultimately decided that your stories deserved just as much time, attention, and print room (column inches) as the history of Process Education. Moreover, what we have already done is trace the theory -- its various beginnings and development over time. Your part is the practice and application. And it is only right that you, the educators and practitioners, tell your own stories.

The plan is for a second special edition of the International Journal of Process Education to be published late this year. That issue will highlight somewhere around 25 different stories of "Process Education in Practice" at different universities and colleges. Each story should include the following:

1. Project Name/Title and dates
2. What is the Process Education area(s) of focus? (Between 5 & 8 is optimal for a story about a project at the institutional level; at the course/class level, focus on an area such as "assessment" in a well-written story about the integration and impact of assessment in a course would be a strong addition.)
3. What/Who initiated the project(s) on your campus?
4. What was the problem to be solved, opportunity to be embraced, or new vision to be put into practice?
5. What were the desired outcomes?
6. What activities and people were involved?
7. What were results/outcomes?
8. How was the project resourced?
9. What was learned from this experience and what growth (increased capacity) was produced?
10. Documentation of the scholarship and results (ideally at least 5 references, including unpublished resources)

We would ideally like to have your stories by September 1 so that we have time to put them through a comprehensive pre-publication editing cycle. If you have a story you'd like to share but aren't sure how to start or have questions, we're more than happy to help (you can call Joann Horton at 312.636-3548 or reach her by email at joann@pcrest.com). Remember that we're not asking for a formal paper or article; your story is simply a case study that will be published alongside other case studies. You will receive formal contributing author credit in both the print and online editions.

If you're interested in being part of this very special published collection of practitioner experiences, please let us know by filling out the form below. We appreciate your engagement, ongoing dedication to the principles of Process Education, and, right at the moment, your willingness to share your experiences.  THANK YOU!